by Ian Alexander

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This is album No. 2 of the Obsession series.


released April 24, 2020

Composed, performed, recorded, and mixed by Ian
Additional vocal tracks engineered & produced by Richard Kuckhoff


all rights reserved



Ian Alexander Cologne, Germany

British/American guitarist and composer.

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Track Name: Insomnia
I see the doubt in your eyes
You disguise
A careless word
Wish I could take it away
I’m sorry I brought it up
Brought you down
The day is just beginning

You glance upon the cryptic lines
Etched across the barren walls of my cell
Even my skin
Am I a fool to seek a place nobody names
Only recalled in dreaming?

Whisper to me the perfect line of melody
I cannot sleep until I sail the seventh sea
Upon my lips the taste of blood will never leave
It guides me in the shadows
Track Name: Slow Fire
Dawn awakens pain and regret
Slow fire burning in
Unseen motion broke the current
Slow fire burning in

Underneath the waves
Unborn music stays

So close to you
Yet you see no slow fire in my veins
I’m a blind man
Yet you watch the slow fire burn my brain

Underneath the waves
Unborn music fades away
Track Name: The Setting Sun
Answer me
Hear me

Take me anywhere
Out in the open air
Build a temple, praise the setting sun
Smiling as it shines on everyone

I’ll do anything to fight the enemy
A strong path always leads you through the fire
Stand and face the pain with open eyes

A parasite in me
It’s true, you’re paralyzing me

The days that I’ve been waiting for
Something in their hearts came open
They had long forgotten its name
And the people rejoiced
Because truth was in the air, clear like the light of day
And I will find that light
Even on my own
And the blood from all battles will not be in vain
Track Name: Nowhere to Turn but the Sky
So cold, so cold
Among the crowds
They’re poison for you
It’s much too loud
The noise will drown out all truth

So cold, am I getting old?
Atop the hill
A danger for your mind
You’re standing still
The strong will destroy all they find

Don’t let them see my face
Keep it all inside

Don’t let them steal your grace
Leave it all inside
Track Name: Collapsing Structure
I’m waiting on the world to fall apart
I go to sleep beside a lion’s heart
… a lion’s heart…
I hope to wake up in another space
I pray the gods will grant me strength and grace
And the light in my eyes

The human mind works in mysterious ways
I never lost the will to count the days
Still counting the days…
A thousand healers they have come and gone
They never seem to find what’s really wrong
Or the light in my eyes
Just fighting desire

Soon the sky will fall and rise anew
On that day, early May
We’ll watch over you

Weight and stress of time increasing danger of collapsing
Light already introducing fractures in the building
Still no action taken to escape from disaster
We just remain in deadlock
Track Name: Mountain Cut
Who will save you now?
Called off the search for their love
You’re alone now
Draw your serrated blade
It’s the only way for you to stay awake

Cut me off
This part of me
You’re better off free
And break my bones
Tear the flesh that we once shared
Dead so you may live
May you forgive
Track Name: Hesitate
Lay them down, black and red
There’s no use hiding it
Changing all the rules you learned; welcome to the game

Don’t give up on yourself
Play the cards you’ve been dealt
Now see all you could have done from a lonely grave

Someone help me
Why does no one see
I’m on the outside
A sheet of glass between
It’s like they can’t hear
Even when I scream

Let this be understood
You will speak when you should
Even the spirit must obey when the King is played

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